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Since the early 21st century the global investments in renewable energy sources has grown in an exponential way. This is due to decreasing their prices and surcharge introduced by many countries. The development of modern technologies, development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, transformations on the raw materials market with their geopolitical settings and combating climate change are the main factors of the energy revolution.

The availability of energy from renewable sources is increasing but the production costs decreases, which effect on the conventional energy market based on combustion hydrocarbon fuels. The goal of the developed economies is growth without increasing energy demand, as a result use of techniques, procedures and materials which favour energy efficiency.

The new energy industry makes extensive use software and measurement tools, that allows to control energy demand and rationally manage resources. The increasing importance of civic and distributed energy, affects the development prospects large power corporations and puts new demands on distribution.

Among the renewable energy sources, Photovoltaics is currently the fastest developing technology. Contemporary photovoltaic panels work efficiently and bring high production capacity, also in less favorable climate conditions, even in northern countries such as Poland. The panels produce energy on cloudy days, they are effective in the rain.

Solar systems are secure and reliable. They do not generate any noise or pollution. The Photovoltaic reduce the greenhouse effect and they are recyclable.

From years, Solar Energy Photovoltaics has been implementing the idea extract energy from the sun, cooperating with scientific institutions. Our company promotes a number of ecological initiatives, whose goal is to exert real influence on improving the environment in Poland.


Wind power as the technology for electricity production on an industrial scale has been used around the globe for about 25 years. During this time was observed Impressive technological progress in terms of turbine power, their effectiveness or efficiency.

The development of the wind energy translates into competitiveness of the national economy on the international stage, affects on decrease in energy prices and generates new jobs positions. Wind turbines (Wind farms) are located both on land and at sea, single or in groups, creating so-called (parks) wind farms. The wind power is used for the production of electricity. The direct cause of wind formation is uneven distribution atmospheric pressure above the earth’s surface, which, in turn is caused by different degress of heating it by the sun. Kinetic energy of wind, that is moving air masses is practically inexhaustible. The sun is responsible for the process of its continuous renewal, in various ways, at different times , heating the surface of the Earth. The energy potential of wind is so large that if we were able to fully use it, it would cover humanity’s total demand for electricity.

Its use, at this stage of development of technologies, does not provide such an opportunity, primarily due to too low efficiency of electricity producing components, lack of technical adaptability store and inability to predict wind power and direction for more than a few minutes. Wind speed and so energy that can be derived from it varies throughout a minute, hour, day as well as in individual months and seasons.

From years, Solar Energy Photovoltaics has been implementing the idea extract energy from the wind, cooperating with scientific institutions. Our company promotes a number of ecological initiatives, whose goal is to exert real influence on improving the environment in Poland.


Energy transition in Poland assumes reduce carbon dioxide emissions and turn to renewable energy sources. To increase the use of RES, we need to store energy generated in tchem on a grand scale, to be available whenever regardless of the weather conditions, or season.

The storage process is based on transformation and storage of electricity from an available source into another form of Energy which can be converted into electricity if needed. In addition, energy storage is a key element of improving both stability supplies and energy supply parameters. Energy storage is advantageous when there is low requirement, low cost of production or when available energy sources have intermittent production characteristics. In addition, stored Energy can be used during periods of high-demand, high costs of production or when no alternative generation source is available. Simultaneously, a continuous increase in energy demand, its prices and also low adaptability to traditional methods of generating energy to rapidly changing needs of the market tighten issues related to market deregulation, the quality of electricity and pressure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The energy storage appear to be the solution to all of these problems and provide an opportunity to meet both existing and new needs emerging as a result of the energy transformation.

From years, Solar Energy Photovoltaics has been strongly involved in the development of the energy storage market in Poland, cooperating with scientific institutions. Our company promotes a number of ecological initiatives, whose goal is to exert real influence on improving the environment in Poland.


One of the observable trends of the global economy which enables efficient management of resources and local energy potential is the development of distributed energy. Experts forecast that these sources can be an important formula for complementing energy supply in less urbanized areas. Energy clusters are a place for their development today.They give a chance to create new areas of activity for local entrepreneurs and also a faster economic growth in areas covered by the cluster. Through cooperation of various entities in the energy cluster, a expanse is created to create new profit areas for its participants.

The energy cluster can be described as locally operating entities agreement involved in the production, consumption, storing and sales: electricity, heat, cold and electricity in transport (fuel).

The goal of energy clusters is the development of distributed energy. Clusters aim at advancement of the local energy security by ensuring economic efficiency, environmentally friendly, ensuring optimal organizational, legal and financial conditions. They enable the use of local resources and the potential of domestic energy. The clusters support the implementing the latest technologies where are useful and cost-effective. At the base of the concept of creating energy clusters the idea of locating energy sources near the places of energy consumption, and one of their main tasks are to stimulate local communities to cooperate on the local energy market in the generation of energy on their own needs and especially from renewable sources.

This should contribute to cost efficiency to final consumers by reducing the energy costs in an environmentally friendly manner. This is to serve the construction of a modern energy economy based on ecological, and advance energy production technologies and rationalisation of the use available resources and infrastructure (including optimal use of power gird and reducing transmission losses).

This is favored by both the increasing dissemination of renewable energy and raising awareness of local producers and consumers who are potential clusters members.

Solar Energy Photovoltaics is one of the first companies implementing the idea of distributed energy. We are participants in energy clusters in poviats and communes n which our projects are implemented. In addition, through cooperation with associated companies we coordinate the activities of some of them constantly, we are committed to promote the idea of clusters and support the development.

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